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The Barriere Deauville Polo Cup will have 15 teams

The Barrière Deauville Polo Cup, with its legendary Gold Cup, has been an emblematic stage of the international circuit for three-quarters of a century. The Deauville International Polo Club and its mythical grounds in the heart of the Deauville-La Touques racecourse, where the game was played as far back as the end of the 19th century, are firmly part of the world polo heritage. As every year, four tournaments will be played there from 7 to 28 August. This year, fifteen teams are competing in the Bronze, Silver and Gold Cups... while waiting for the teams of the Ladies Cup. In the main tournament, the Gold Cup, five teams will compete. Five very good teams made up of French and Spanish players and great Argentinean professionals. Because in Argentina, the land of polo, Deauville is one of the major aims of a professional career, just like Palm Beach in the United States, Windsor and Cowdray in England or Sotogrande in Spain: the biggest tournaments outside Argentina that any player dreams to win. In this 2022 Gold Cup (starting on 15 August), five players, with handicaps of 7 or more, will play in Deauville before leaving for the great Argentinean season via the French Open in Chantilly. They are Juan-Gris Zavaleta (Barrière), Rufino Bensadon (19 years old, whom the French public has seen win in Deauville when he was only 15 years old) and Juan-Martin Zubia (Talandracas), Bautista Bayugar (Los Dragones) and last, but not least, Diego Cavanagh, the player from La Dolfina, who is coming back to Deauville where he was seen a dozen years ago and who will be defending the colors of the La Baule-based Brittanny Polo Club.



COUPE D’ARGENT du 7 au 13 août - 14/16 Goals

LADIES POLO CUP du 10 au 13 août - 12/14 Goals

COUPE DE BRONZE du 16 au 27 août - 6/8 Goals

COUPE D’OR du 15 au 28 août - 14/16 Goals


The fifth team in this Gold Cup, the "locals" from Mungo, has relied on the continuity of a team that has been together for three years now, with the French number one player, the 6-goaler Pierre-Henri N'Goumou, who will be alongside the explosive Argentine Tete Storni (h5) and Juan Cruz Greguoli (h4).

Most of these teams will have previously "warmed up" during the Silver Cup, a slightly less prestigious title, which kicks off on 7 August, thus opening the 2022 Deauville season (final on 13 August). On the 10th, it will be the women's turn to compete for the Ladies Cup.

The Bronze Cup will start on August 16th with a record number of ten teams competing in a competition that will showcase the French professionals (Julien Reynes, Jules Legoubin, Matthieu Delfosse, Louis Jarrige, Dorian Bulteau and Clément Gosset) with a few excellent Argentinians such as Faty Reynot Blanco, a former winner of the Gold Cup, who makes an awaited return to Deauville.

As usual, this is an extremely prestigious sporting competition for which the Deauville International Polo Club wants to be resolutely welcoming doing its utmost to host as many people as possible. Thus, access to the tournaments is entirely free during the weekdays (except on August, 15th). Only the finals and the weekend games are subject to a fee.

The public is welcomed in a friendly hospitality village where it will be possible to linger after the games, have a drink at the polo bar, or do some shopping and even meet the players who are always delighted to talk to the passionate spectators.

Other events are also not to be missed, such as the traditional parades in town on the eve of the finals and beach polo sessions on the beach at low tide.

The Deauville International Polo Club: there is no more festive, welcoming, and "simple" place to discover and get to know the oldest of team sports in August!

Info: Pascal Renauldon


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