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Old Hickory Bourbon gana la USPA Butler Handicap

En una intensa temporada de polo, se jugó en Porta Mayaca la USPA Butler Cup de 18 goles, una importante competición que se mudara al club de Okeechobee, Florida, en 2020 y que tiempo atrás (2008-2014) fuera la subsidiara de la USPA Gold Cup. Participaron 8 fuertes equipos. El título quedó en manos de Old Hickory Bourbon tras vencer a Postage Stamp Farm por 12-9.

Best Playing Pony: Mariano Aguerre's Chela

Most Valuable Player: Stevie Orthwein

In an intense polo season, the 18-goal USPA Butler Cup has being played at Porta Mayaca, a major competition that long ago outside of the subsidiary USPA Gold Cup, one of two high-goal tournaments leading up to the U.S. Open Polo Championship. In 2020, the Butler Handicap moved to Port Mayaca Polo Club. In a very intense final Old Hickory Bourbon defeated Postage Stamp Farm 12-9. The first half the teams were neck and neck, trading goals, and the lead, back and forth. After the third chukker, Postage Stamp led Old Hickory 5-4. But Old Hickory came into the second half on fire, scoring 6 unanswered field goals to lead going into the final chukker 10-5. A very high scoring last chukker- 2 for OHB and 4 for PSF- but still not enough for Postage Stamp. Old Hickory Bourton taking the win 12-9.

This was an especially exciting win for the Orthwein Family, as Steve Sr won the cup in 1975 and 1979, and Robert Orthwein won last year. Now Stevie will add his name to the trophy, as well.

Best Playing Pony: Mariano Aguerre's Chela

Most Valuable Player: Stevie Orthwein



Schokemohle: Timmy Dutta 4, Patrick Maleitzke 5, Piki Alberdi 6, Del Walton 3.

SD Farm: Sayuu Dantata 0, Carlitos Gracida 4, Peco Polledo 6, Santi Torres 7.

Santa Clara: Francisco Escobar, Hope Arellano, Santi Tocalino, Tomas Garcia del Rio.

Palm Beach Equine: Scott Swerdlin 0, Gringo Colombres 8, Matias Torres Zavaletta 7, ToNico Diaz Alberdi 3.


Infinit Polo: Aryton Burnett 3, Juan Cruz Merlos 5, Pite Merlos 7, Segundo Merlos 3.

Iconica: Maureen Brennan 1, Magoo Laprida 8, Benjamin Avendano 3, Mariano Gonzalez 6.

Old Hickory Bourbon: Lucas Escobar 3, Santino Magrini 4, Matias Magrini 7, Stevie Orthwein 4.

Postage Stamp Farm: Annabelle Gundlach 0, Facundo Obregon 6, Brandon Phillips 4, Mariano Aguerre 8.


Th 2/11 Postage Stamp Farm defeated Iconica

Fri 2/12 Palm Beach Equine defeated Schokmohle

Mon 2/15 Palm Beach Equine defeated SD Farm 13-11

Mon 2/15 Old Hickory Bourbon defeated Infinit Polo 10-5

Wed 2/17 Santa Clara defeated Schokemohle 9-6

Fri 2/19 SD Farm defeated Schokemohle

Fri 2/19 Santa Clara defeated Palm Beach Equine

Fri 2/19 Postage Stamp Farm defeated Infinit Polo

Sun 2/21 Postage Stamp Farm defeated Old Hickory Bourbon 9-8

Sun 2/21 Iconica defeated Infinit Polo 9-5 Tue 2/23 Santa Clara defeated SD Farm

Tue 2/23 Old Hickory Bourbon defeated Iconica

Sat 2/27Semi Finals

Old Hickory Bourbon defeated Santa Clara 11-10 in OT

Postage Stamp Farm defeated Palm Beach Equine 11-8.

Final: Friday, March 5th Old Hickory Bourbon vs Postage Stamp Farm 12-9.



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Day #6

Day #5

Day #3 & #4

Day #1 & #2


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